train your dog with bully sticks

Train Your Dog with Bully sticks

Usually, when training a dog, the trainer uses small, simple to chunk bits of meals or treats as praise. These small treats are simply swallowed, which permits the canine to concentrate on the fast reinforcement of the required conduct and then get again to training. However, bully sticks also make an incredible training instrument and feature a number of explicit packages.

1. Bully sticks can be used as a reward.

Different coaching objectives and modalities can challenge every dog differently. Sometimes, if a dog is in point of fact struggling to paintings through a specifically tricky command, or is working very exhausting to show a habit this is particularly tricky (e.g., asking a reactive canine to stay calm whilst slowly exposing the dog to some other animal), a reward can be useful. A reward is some way of super-reinforcing the canine having demonstrated the desired habits, by way of the usage of an overly particular deal with, in this case, a bully stick. The bully stick as a jackpot reward is like pronouncing to the canine “wow, you did that really hard thing really well; awesome job, buddy, here’s a very special thing for you to enjoy on your own.” Bully sticks also help to teach good chewing habits for your dog.

2. Bully sticks can be utilized to signal the end of a training session.

At the tip of a training session, especially one who has been challenging to your dog, it’s at all times a good idea to finish on a high word. This helps the canine really feel calm and conveys a sense of achievement for each canine and teacher, and certainly reinforces for your canine that hanging in through the whole training session, even if particularly difficult, is a great factor. A bully stick is a brilliant ultimate deal with to make use of in a difficult coaching session because it’s the sort of particular deal with. Also, the canine will get to move to relax and work off any built-up pressure from coaching with a pleasantly enjoyable chunk.

3. Bully sticks can be utilized to give a boost to “wait”.

This is almost certainly my favorite manner to make use of a bully stick for coaching. “Wait” is a vital command for any canine because it may be used to keep a dog protected (e.g., from stepping out in visitors whilst on a walk, from picking up a forbidden item in their mouth, and many others.). The wait command tests a canine’s impulse control because it necessarily approaches to the “yes, you can have that thing you want, just not immediately.” Once a canine has an elementary clutch of the wait command, by way of the usage of an overly aromatic, extremely desirable praise like a bully stick. If your canine can withstand the urge to go gnaw on his bully stick in an instant and “wait” until you give him the discharge command to experience it, you recognize your dog’s “wait” is rock solid.

In addition, whilst in the beginning glance it will appear that a bully stick isn’t the type of praise for use in canine coaching, bully sticks actually have some very particular and unique packages as training rewards that will in reality help take the session to the next stage on your canine.

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