Know Your Dog's Body Language

Dog Behavior Essentials: Know Your Dog’s Body Language

As a dog owner or even somebody who’s around dogs a ton (regardless of whether it be your activity or whatever else), it’s crucial to understand at least the basics of dog behavior. Understanding these can help stay away from a perilous circumstance. Since dogs can’t vocally mention to us what they are feeling, it’s […]

10 Weight Loss Tips Your Dog

10 Weight Loss Tips To Your Dog

Dogs that are overweight have an increased risk of many health conditions like diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. Here we discuss 10 tips to promote healthy weight loss in dogs. 1. Feed more protein and less carbohydrate. On the subject of weight loss, the ratio of carbohydrates to fat and protein subjects more than […]


Dogs are the most loyal, loving and intelligent animal to be taken as a perfect companion for humans.The most popular dog breeds of 2020 in united states and not surprisingly some of the all-time favorites topped the list. The following is the latest top 10 dog breeds list of 2020. 1. Labrador Retrievers Labrador retrievers […]