Bully sticks vs Rawhide

Bully sticks vs Rawhide

When it comes to choosing the proper dog chews, the choices are seemingly limitless. You’ve likely heard that some dog chews are bad for dogs, crammed with awful chemicals and waiting to be lodged into your pup’s intestine. It’s important to know which treats are good for your dogs and which ones should be avoided […]

what do dogs likely chew

What Do Dogs Likely Chew?

Dogs likes to chew for various reason. For example a young puppy chews because of teething and the adult dogs chews because of anxiety and stress. Each dog has their toys to chew. A few dogs will settle on a couple of shoes, which they’ll take and store in their bed for safety’s sake. Some […]

bully sticks safe for puppies

Are Bully Sticks Safe For Puppies?

Many first-time young dog guardians might be concerned when picking safe treats for their pet, have confidence. Bully sticks are one of the safest treat that available. As a standard guideline, If a little dog is able to bite hard nourishment and treats individually, he’s mature enough to bite on a bully stick. Nonetheless, specialists […]