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Is a Raw Food Diet Good for Dogs?

In recent years raw pet food diets have increased in reputation. Raw pet food gross sales have grown recently, in both frozen and dehydrated or freeze-dried forms. Is this just a passing trend or are there health benefits to feeding uncooked food to dogs? Do raw pet food diets pose any risks to your pet or household? While there is no conclusive evidence that an uncooked food vitamin is healthier than conventional packaged dry meals, you will need to do research when deciding what to feed your dog.

What is a raw pet food diet?

The thought of an uncooked food vitamin for dogs is to imitate a dog’s herbal ancestral menu. The thought is that as descendants of wolves, canine aren’t biologically designed to devour the prime percentages of carbohydrates found in dry packaged kibble. Most dry dog meals are made up of around 50% carbohydrates, this number can vary depending on type and logo.

A canine’s ancestral diet used to be made up of essential proteins and fat, with a decrease carbohydrate intake of less than 15%. Raw dog food diets emphasize raw meat, complete or crushed bones, fruits, greens, and some dairy.

Historically, uncooked pet food was first fed to racing greyhounds and sled canines, the idea being that feeding canines what they ate prior to being domesticated would advertise a stronger physique and more power. Since the 1990s, folks have started feeding raw food to household dogs for identical advantages.

What are the benefits of raw food nutrition?

There are many claimed advantages to feeding your canine a raw meal vitamin. Overall, it’s believed to be better in your dog’s health and lifespan. Benefits of raw food can include:

Healthier enamel and gums

Raw food diets come with bones, which will clean your dog’s tooth and stimulate their gums as they chunk. If the bones are floor up within the food, the crunching of small bones scrapes enamel and gums. Bones are also an excellent source of calcium and collagen, among other vitamins. Canned and dry canine meals are extremely processed and may have added preservatives, which purpose plaque build-up.

All-natural beef bully sticks also are great for cleaning teeth and scraping away plaque and tartar build-up.

Strengthen muscles

The top proportion of protein in uncooked dog food is good for building muscle groups. The raw dog nutrition way of life also incessantly includes an increased athletic job, which promotes cardiovascular health and power.

Improve digestion and stool high quality

The thought of an uncooked food vitamin is that it is what canines are biologically designed to eat. Therefore, it should be more straightforward in your dog to digest than traditional dry or canned foods. Without added preservatives and fillers, uncooked pet food must be better for your canine’s digestive gadget. Stool production in dogs on the raw vitamin is smaller and less attackable, which should make stronger your canine’s nutrient absorption.

Lower the chance of cancer

Dry canine meals can occasionally be contaminated with a naturally happening toxin referred to as aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is extremely carcinogenic and will reason cancer of the liver. Smaller amounts of aflatoxins are thought to be non-toxic within the grains used for dog meals. Fresh inexperienced vegetables comprise chlorophyll, which will offset the results of aflatoxins. Raw pet food diets come with green greens, fighting liver most cancers and promoting overall health.

Does an uncooked pet food vitamin pose any well-being risks?

Despite the claimed benefits, many vets and the FDA advise towards feeding your canine a raw food diet. Raw, raw meat may also be contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms reminiscent of Salmonella and Listeria. In reality, raw dog foods are much more likely to be contaminated with microorganisms than other types of pet food.

Dogs that ingest the Salmonella micro organism can develop salmonellosis, and enjoy abdomen ache, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Listeria microorganisms may cause listeriosis, some other foodborne illnesses. Though a lot less commonplace than salmonellosis, listeriosis is an overly serious illness, with a mortality price of 20-30%.

Contaminated dog food can’t simplest purpose your puppy to get sick however you or other participants of your family as well. After eating, dogs can unfold microorganisms by means of licking other people and surfaces. If you do feed your canine uncooked nutrition, steer clear of contact with them immediately once they’ve eaten, and washed your hands if they lick or “kiss” you.

Should you feed your canine an uncooked meals vitamin?

What you feed your dog is as much as you and your vet and must be determined based upon your canine’s individual needs, age, breed, process degree, and extra. There had been no research to supply really extensive evidence that a raw diet is awesome to standard dry meals. Dry and other packaged meals too can raise a risk of contamination and have experienced remembers, so it is very important to do research on the products you’re buying ahead of feeding them on your canine.

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