how to calm down your dog

5 Simple & Effective Tips to Calm Down a Dog

When one thing’s bothering your dog, you’ll be able to inform. After all, your puppy best. Just like how each canine has his personal way of exhibiting rigidity, each canine can react differently to calming strategies. Try some of these methods out the next time your puppy wishes some convenience. 1. Play Some Music You […]

Lose weight for dogs

How to Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight and Stay Healthy?

Obesity can be a severe well being a factor to your loyal dog significant other. Overweight canines, similar to humans, are prone to health issues like high blood pressure, liver issues, heart problems, and dog diabetes. Because of this, managing a dog’s weight is vital to making sure they have an excellent high quality of […]

raw food for dogs

Is a Raw Food Diet Good for Dogs?

In recent years raw pet food diets have increased in reputation. Raw pet food gross sales have grown recently, in both frozen and dehydrated or freeze-dried forms. Is this just a passing trend or are there health benefits to feeding uncooked food to dogs? Do raw pet food diets pose any risks to your pet […]