Bully sticks vs Rawhide

Bully sticks vs Rawhide

When it comes to choosing the proper dog chews, the choices are seemingly limitless. You’ve likely heard that some dog chews are bad for dogs, crammed with awful chemicals and waiting to be lodged into your pup’s intestine. It’s important to know which treats are good for your dogs and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

Rawhide Bones

Rawhide chew sticks or rawhide bones are made from rawhide. The lane of pet supply stores, rawhide chews are available during a huge sort of sizes for both puppies and bigger dogs, shapes that range from bones to twists and ties, and with different flavors including chicken, beef, lamb, and duck.

The biggest appeal of rawhide is how affordable they’re. Available both individually and in bulk, rawhide dog treats can cost but a dollar apiece, while lasting for weeks and sometimes even months at a time. Considered suitable for dogs both small and enormous , compressed rawhide is usually reserved for smaller breeds because it can become a choking hazard for larger dogs once they plan to swallow pieces of it whole.

Most of the time, Rawhide bones are criticized for various reasons, like the choking hazard they will present if broken into smaller pieces through use. Another problem is that the inability of most dogs to truly digest the rawhide, instead having it undergoes their alimentary canal where it can cause damage if there are sharp ridges. Due to this, more and more dog owners are turning to dog treats that do not present a choking hazard which are often digested by their pets as they might their food.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are completely safe and a best option comparing to other rawhide bones since they don’t splinter or break up into large indigestible pieces. With the panic caused by contaminated pet food in 2007, there grew an enormous demand for all natural dog chews and treats. Due to that, Bully sticks have grown in popularity with pet owners everywhere the country in search of dog treats that they feel comfortable with which their dogs will enjoy. Bully sticks are normally high in protein, yet low in fat and starches. They’re a modestly durable bite produced using 100% beef pizzle.

Unlike rawhide treats, Bully sticks are made up of the meat of the cow, not the hide, allowing it to be digested and processed by the dog because it would their food rather than passing it through their system like rawhide. Very similar to rawhide, Bully sticks arrive in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. You’ll generally have something new to keep treat time fascinating for your little puppies. These are incredible, low cost and regular sitter. Bully sticks are available in numerous sizes, from just a couple of inches for smaller breeds to just about a yard long for larger dogs, styles including braided bully sticks as how to figure the teeth and jaw muscles, and flavors that include chicken treats for dogs and lamb treats for dogs among others.

Much like rawhide treats, bully sticks can last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, counting on the dimensions of the treat given to the dog. While with larger breeds and rawhide you’ve got to be wary of the choking hazard from broken pieces, bully sticks are easily digested by breeds both large and little and won’t chip and break to present a choking hazard like rawhide.

Which One do you have to Choose for your dog?

While technically neither choice is wrong , the trend of dog treats and chews seems to be moving more towards bully sticks due to their status as an all-natural treat which will be digested like food without worry of contamination. The best part is that bully sticks are made of 100 percent regular single ingredient things, they contain no artificial chemicals and are great wellsprings of top notch protein. Also the way that they offers a blast flavor that is likewise extraordinary for dog’s teeth. With many flavors, sizes, and designs to suit every sort of dog, bully sticks are taking the place of rawhide on the aisles of pet supply stores round the country. You don’t need to look for bully stick reviews, because your dog’s behavior does all the talking. This explains why so many people are like to purchase these sticks for their dogs.

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