bully sticks safe for puppies

Are Bully Sticks Safe For Puppies?

Many first-time young dog guardians might be concerned when picking safe treats for their pet, have confidence. Bully sticks are one of the safest treat that available. As a standard guideline, If a little dog is able to bite hard nourishment and treats individually, he’s mature enough to bite on a bully stick. Nonetheless, specialists exhort choosing smaller, more slender bully sticks from the start and step by step presenting bigger treats as he gets older. Bully sticks may give a great distraction during the teething stage, sparing your attire, shoes, furniture and other household things from being bitten up.

Dog and Bully Sticks

Bully sticks arrive in various sizes and shapes. For little dogs, thin and small scale bully sticks are normally the best decision as the bigger adaptations are too thick to even think about fitting in the young dog’s mouth and can sever into huge pieces. In case you’re worried about the smell of this organic item, don’t perspire it! Normally odor free bully sticks are accessible to keep your puppy involved.

Bully sticks are normally high in protein, yet low in fat and starches. They’re a modestly durable bite produced using 100% beef pizzle. Cats and dogs rock offers you odor free bully sticks for your four legged friend. We avoid contaminating our products with food additives, chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavorings.

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