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Natural Ingredients

We believe in using only the most natural of ingredients for all our pet foods and treats.

Focused on Pet Health

We avoid contaminating our products with food additives, chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Dependable Service

With a range of shipping options from our Texas based operation, your pets are only ever a day away from receiving their favorite treats.

Cats & Dogs Rock holistic pet foods are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth for a healthy mind, body, and (free) spirit. Because healthy pets are happy pets!

“Ingredients used are selected for the quality of nutrients they provide.”

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Our products

High quality, natural ingredients, to help pets live long, happy and healthy lives.

Natural Treats & Chews

You won't find any added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this jerky [...]
Natural Treats & Chews

Our nutrition philosophy

We know your pets are family, and it is this philosophy which drives us to seek out the best, most nutritional, ingredients available.
  • Super Foods Inclusions

  • Vitamins C & E

  • Ocean Fish Meal

  • Omega Fatty Acids

  • Taurine & L-Carnitine

  • Natural Prebiotic Fiber

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Why choose us

Pet food & treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to promote a healthy life.
  • Pet Nutritionists

    Our in-house pet nutritionists play a crucial role in the creation of Cats & Dogs Rock
  • Quality & Safety

    We own and run operations in all of the facilities in which our food is made.
  • Standards

    We always endeavor to not only meet, but vastly exceed all regulatory pet food standards.
  • Health & Well-being

    Just as important as what we put into our recipes is what your pet gets out from it!

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Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.
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